Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Spring's Beauty 

Today was a very nice day. My husband and I did an interesting activity for our kids. We went swimming, the most lovely thing for them. After we spent a joyful time there, we came back and ate our dinner, and I prepared my kids to go to sleep.
Grandma is here. My mother in low stayed with my children, and my husband I got the chance to go for a walk in this beautiful spring. 
We went to a park near our home. The time was during the sunset, and the weather was awesome. We walked between the lovely trees. We smelled the spring; roses everywhere, fresh green grass, and cardinal birds. 
Every week normally, I go to this park. But today, it seemed different to me. It was full of love. 


  1. YES! I am always having moments like this during the springtime, and no one ever understands!

    Just a few days ago, I was talking about how hopeful and renewed Spring makes me feel. It's as if all the flowers are opening up just for me, like the trees cannot help but burst into green. The rain comes and goes, washing the pavement clean again, soaking into the earth, leaving puddles and mucky mud. The sun peeks out from behind solemn cloud to brighten up my day! The birds chirp and call to one another. The breeze tickles the blades of grass. It is delightful!

    How can you not walk through the shadows of a spring evening and feel as if you could sing out?! Love is in the air, in the spring!


  2. I love walking in our yard this time of year. The lilacs are SO fragrant, and everything looks so green---even the weeds in the flower beds that I haven't had time to clear out. One of the things on my 'to do' list next week is to clean the flower beds and prepare them for the new plants. My grandson will be here for the week, so I may or may not accomplish this task. He will be helping, that's for sure!