Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A Connection

An Occurrence at Owl Greek Bridge, and Going to Meet The Man

Through my reading to both stories, I found a connection between them, even that each one was written in a different time. Hanging the man on the bridge in Bierce's work, and burning the black man in Baldwin's work looks somehow a like. In both stories, dominance was obvious over people. Mr Farquhar was hanged because he disobeyed the orders of the dominant authority over him and over all his people. We don't know what the black man did to be burned in Baldwin's work, but we know that white people had dominance over the blacks. The killing in both stories is ugly; which reflect the hate inside the dominant one over the other part. Hanging the man on the bridge, waiting for the captain's commands, falling into the stream, and the head shot at the end were all torturing the hanged man and humiliating him, like the black man who was burning and experiencing the most kind of humiliation in front of white people. 
Dominance over people and humiliating them are the connection that I found between An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge and Going to Meet The Man.

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